Hello and welcome to this year’s installment of the S and M family trip!  Note we are now on the internet and trying to avoid anything that might ID us for who we really are.  Except for the pictures.  Gotta have pictures!

Anyway, thanks for visiting our blog.  This was created a week ago by Matt while Sarah surfed on the Internet and watched The Rock, among other unhelpful things.  We are a family that does family-type things, most of which turn into a circus of some sort.  However, in 2012 we drove out to Glacier with Noah and little B, and it was awesome.  Sarah started writing e-mails home to loved ones and friends to keep track of everything we did (only some of them were cries for help), and it was pretty fun for us to go back and look at them after.

In 2015, the saga repeated itself, but was a bit more flashy with photos and PDF documents.  (seriously, WTF Matt, PDFs?).  So thus came the blog a week ago.  Except it was way harder to put together than we thought – how do so many people have blogs?!?  On that note, we cannot figure out why the picture orientation is so f***ed up – on the web version they will be the right way, and on the mobile version they will be sideways.  Seriously, we are not doing that much work to figure it why.

Now when we decided to put the old stuff in blog format we decided to be true to ourselves – no mistakes have been corrected, there are commas in the wrong spot, rants that should be deleted but won’t be, etc.   We also don’t have all the photos in yet that we had from our old e-mails.  It might make sense if you are reading this year’s trip stuff to at least glance at last year’s.  We are pretty unoriginal and reference stuff all the time from the prior trips.  So you might want to look through it.

Or you might want to rip your eyes out.

Please be aware if you have never read these: the only literary devices we have are complaining, hyperbole, and the liberal use of curse words.  If these will annoy you, turn back now.  Also, if you are easily offended.  Also, we will never ask you if you ever read said blog, so don’t feel like you have to.  Some days will be boring, some will be interesting.  Maybe a lot will be boring.  Feel free to pass this on to anyone you think might enjoy some light reading because they are bored out of their mind, or anyone contemplating a road trip, especially if with children.



The S and M family

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